Digital Printing is the future of corrugated packaging

At U.S. Corrugated, we are constantly monitoring industry trends to identify the ways in which we can improve our customers’ packaging. In this era of saturated retail markets and direct-to-consumer supply chains, engaging packaging is more important than ever. Recent breakthroughs in digital technology have made high-speed digital printing in the corrugated industry a reality – and the possibilities are endless.

Not sure if digital printing makes sense for your packaging? Imagine a dynamic, fast, and colorful solution to your packaging and display needs – a solution that allows you to tell your story in a new way and create engaging experiences for customers. Digital printing is transforming the corrugated packaging and display industry.

A dynamic, fast, and colorful solution

Now more than ever, consumer tastes and preferences are constantly evolving. Your most creative ideas can easily be overlooked if they aren’t introduced in a timely manner. Through digital printing, you can go from concept to creation at ultra-high speeds – putting your inventive solutions in customers hands in mere days. This means your product messaging will be more current and relevant, and marketing strategies can be tweaked in real-time. All you need is an artwork file to begin immediately producing your packaging and displays – no set up time, no printing plates. You are free from all the constraints of traditional printing methods.

Apply it to your everyday packaging and display needs

Quantity is no longer a concern with graphic printing. Now, with digital technology, you can print the exact amount you need, right when you need it. From low volume orders today to high volume orders next week, and everything in between. This means no overstock, no waste, and no need for additional storage.

Creating engaging experiences & capturing the opportunity

With digital printing, you have the ability to produce packaging and displays that create a more engaging and relevant customer experience. You can design special editions of packaging for holidays and events, different designs and colors for the same product, and even shelf-ready packaging and in-store displays that can be ideal for test markets. The flexibility attained through large-format digital printing is unparalleled and the possibilities are endless. Mass customization has never been more accessible in the corrugated packaging and display industry. With state-of-the-art digital printers in two of our facilities, U.S. Corrugated is positioned to give your company a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

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