Rethink your manufacturing

In 2019, it’s no secret that it is crucial for brands to find ways to stand out on overly crowded retail shelves. However, the questions remain the same in this age of constantly evolving consumer tastes: how can you stand out – and at what cost? While there’s no shortage of new products hitting stores every day, shelf space is not increasing at the same rate. This means brands are seeking innovative ways to create more engaging packaging and in-store displays. Capturing the attention of your customers is critical, but it is just as important to do it in ways that don’t crush your bottom line. Digital Printing offers brands the opportunity to produce beautifully printed, high-quality graphics packaging and displays at incredible speeds, while simultaneously reducing manufacturing costs. Skeptical? Let us explain…

Speed + Fewer Components = Cost Savings

A primary advantage of digital printing for corrugated is an increase in speed-to-market. At U.S. Corrugated and U.S. Display Group (USDG), we are operating two Barberán Jetmaster 1750 digital printers with run speeds that rival any other form of printing. And with the possibility of in-line creative changeovers, there are fewer machine stoppages slowing things down. This means that our customers’ branding stays fresh and relevant because artwork can be updated, reprinted, and shipped out much faster than traditional printing methods.

Not only does the Barberán allow for an increase in productivity, it is also expands the actual print area – which can sometimes eliminate the need to print more individual components in favor of one larger component. When a point-of-purchase display is built of fewer components, the cost to manufacture the display decreases! This practice allows for just a single die-cutting operation, a single gluing operation, and the removal of all laminating.

Success Story

USDG works with a customer who produces baking and beverage mixes, snacks, and other food products and frequently markets their products inside stores with point-of-purchase displays. The display that USDG produced was originally built of multiple components that were glued and shipped as a floor display. Initially, all panels on the display were separately laminated and each required die-cutting. With the introduction of the Barberán digital printer, USDG was able to print all these pieces on the same sheet, which only required a single cutting die. This resulted in an $8,000 savings for every thousand-piece run.

Rethink Your Manufacturing

High graphics and in-store displays are an effective tool for capturing the attention of customers – especially in a crowded market. Don’t let the fear of high manufacturing costs deter you from producing the most innovative, quality packaging and displays that will help your brand stand out among the crowd. Rethink your manufacturing – reach out to us today to discuss the option of digital printing for your brand.