Right-Weight With U.S. Corrugated

Updated: May 16, 2019

In 2018, the International Corrugated Case Association found European linerboard basis weights were 23% lighter on average than those in North America.1 In 2016, the average basis weight of corrugated board in North America was 24 pounds/MSF heavier than in Europe.1


Europe has embraced performance packaging since the early 1980s by investing in paper structure research and the latest equipment capable of holding very tight tolerances. Conversely, the median age of the 143 containerboard machines in North America is 42 years.3 The explosion of e-Commerce, and the resulting expansion in the paper packaging industry, has provided little incentive for the large integrated manufacturers to voluntarily produce fiber saving solutions.

What does this mean?

By developing Performance Packaging through our Right-Weight with U.S. Corrugated initiative, we can reduce the amount of material in corrugated packaging designs while maintaining or exceeding the physical performance of the packaging. We can achieve this for two primary reasons:

1. Our state-of-the-art Super Plants contain modern converting equipment (with corrugators as young as 2017) that have the capabilities to properly test and produce unique board combinations. With Super Plants on both coasts, plus Mexico and soon in the Midwest, we’re investing in an entire state-of-the-art operation which will benefit customers across the country.

2. As an independent corrugated converter, we are not tied to any one paper source. We purchase our paper from the most relevant sources per our customers’ specifications. This gives us the unique ability to find the most suitable liners to make Right-Weighting successful.

But why consider it?

Right-Weight can benefit almost any corrugated application, whether it is consumer or industrial goods, with regards to supply chain efficiency and environmental goals. Not only does the reduction of materials improve sustainability efforts, but it also has cost-saving implications for handling, warehousing, labor, and freight.2

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3 Kruger Packaging, RISI International Containerboard Conference, November 2016