We promote scientifically, environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable practices to meet the needs of the present without compromising the welfare of future generations. Our commitment to environmental responsibility drives the ways we choose to operate our business. And this goes way beyond recycling scrap.

Paper &



While we only purchase SFI-certified paper, U.S. Corrugated is not tied to any one paper mill. This means we purchase raw materials from the most efficient sources for the customers' application - every time.

All of our designs are based on the customers' specifications. Through efficient manufacturing processes, we work directly with our customers to minimize product packaging through our materials. We utilize advanced light fiber technology, which increases the durability of our products while lowering consumption of virgin wood pulp.

Each year, we...

  • Recycle over 16,000 tons of scrap and trim.

  • Purchase 96,000 tons of post-consumer materials - adding up to over 50% of our total paper sourcing.




We have maximized the shipping of materials to our facilities and products to our customers, making use of every square foot of space. We take calculated measures to reduce our consumption of fuel and the emissions produced through transportation.

With plants located around the country, we reduce transport miles and gas used during fulfillment. Plus, our cube-utilization systems for packing and shipping products means fewer trucks traveling fewer miles. 

Efforts include...

  • Reducing idle times of trucks while loading & unloading.

  • Reducing the number of empty miles through backhauls.

  • Ensuring trucks are loaded to capacity to preserve efficiency.


Design &


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants are engineered to run as high-efficiency, low-emissions facilities. Innovative LED lighting and computerized conveyor systems decrease usage of fossil fuels. Our scrap system is internal and creates minimal discharge.

More than 90% of our printed packages and displays are created using water-based inks. Our plants also maintain on-site closed-loop water treatment facilities. This allows us to recover all used water during the manufacturing process. 


We extend value to our customers packaging needs through our "Right-Weight" initiative. 

Minimize water consumption to a closed-loop system.

Purchase only from renewable and sustained raw-material certified vendors.

High efficiency LED lighting in factories.

Solar roofs when applicable.

Maximize trailer usage and reduce empty miles.

Reducing the carbon footprint.

The European packaging market has been increasingly successful in reducing paper weights - resulting in lighter packaging and a smaller fiber footprint. U.S. Corrugated is spearheading this trend in the United States through its "Right-Weight" initiative. 

We are utilizing a combination of proven paper science and our state-of-the-art equipment to reduce the fiber content in packaging while maintaining package strength. This means less waste and an improved sustainability scorecard for our customers. 

Cross-directional fiber alignment

Less necessary fiber

Lighter materials (with equal or greater strength)

Reduced fiber footprint


U.S. Corrugated is a leading independent corrugated packaging producer with a well-earned reputation as one of the most dynamic and progressive companies in the industry. We strive to be our customers’ vendor of choice by providing a superior quality product at a fair price, and by demonstrating innovation, exceptional customer service, and a value-added approach in everything we do.

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